Hi there,

My name is Ravi Jayagopal. I have never played the piano or keyboard – until two weeks ago – November 15, 2007.

I have always wanted to play the keyboard all my life, but never pursued that dream.

I used to play the guitar when I was in school and college, but haven’t played it since 1993.

So, recently, when I decided to enroll my kids for piano lessons, on a sudden whim, I decided to enroll in classes too, along with them!

That’s when my journey as a piano-player began.

In this blog, I wish to chronicle my experiences as a keyboard beginner, along my way to becoming an expert (hopefully soon :-)).

I also hope to update this blog with articles, tutorials and videos relevant to learning how to play the piano (or keyboard).

So stay tuned for lots of exciting stuff to come.

Ravi Jayagopal
Author, “No Business Like E-Business

My tech blog: RavisRants.com